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Unlike Glide, GIFs are not supported by default. However, Coil has an extension library to support them.

To add GIF support, import the extension library:


And add the decoders to your component registry when constructing your ImageLoader:

val imageLoader = ImageLoader.Builder(context)
    .components {
        if (SDK_INT >= 28) {
        } else {

And that's it! The ImageLoader will automatically detect any GIFs using their file headers and decode them correctly.

To transform the pixel data of each frame of a GIF, see AnimatedTransformation.


Coil includes two separate decoders to support decoding GIFs. GifDecoder supports all API levels, but is slower. ImageDecoderDecoder is powered by Android's ImageDecoder API which is only available on API 28 and above. ImageDecoderDecoder is faster than GifDecoder and supports decoding animated WebP images and animated HEIF image sequences.