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Have a question that isn't part of the FAQ? Check StackOverflow with the tag #coil. We monitor that tag for any new questions.

Can Coil be used with Java projects or mixed Kotlin/Java projects?

Yes! Read more here.

How do I preload an image?

Read here.

How do I set up disk caching?

Coil relies on OkHttp's disk cache. By default, each ImageLoader is already set up for disk caching and will set a max cache size of between 10-250MB depending on the remaining space on the user's device.

Here's how to set a custom cache size (and a custom OkHttpClient) for your ImageLoader:

val cacheDirectory = context.cacheDir
val cacheSize = Int.MAX_VALUE
val cache = Cache(cacheDirectory, cacheSize)
val client = OkHttpClient.Builder().cache(cache).build()
val imageloader = ImageLoader(context) {

If you're using the Coil singleton, you can then replace its ImageLoader instance like so: