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Transformations allow you to modify the pixel data of an image before the Drawable is returned from the request.

By default, Coil comes packaged with 2 transformations: circle crop and rounded corners.

Transformations only modify the pixel data for static images. Adding a transformation to an ImageRequest that produces an animated image will convert it to a static image so the transformation can be applied. To transform the pixel data of each frame of an animated image, see AnimatedTransformation.

Custom transformations should implement equals and hashCode to ensure that two ImageRequests with the same properties and using the same transformation are equal.

See the API documentation for more information.


If the Drawable returned by the image pipeline is not a BitmapDrawable, it will be converted to one. This will cause animated drawables to only draw the first frame of their animation. This behaviour can be disabled by setting ImageRequest.Builder.allowConversionToBitmap(false).