coil-base / coil.transform / Transformation


interface Transformation

An interface for making transformations to an image's pixel data.

NOTE: If DrawableResult.drawable or DecodeResult.drawable is not a BitmapDrawable, it will be converted to one. This will cause animated drawables to only draw the first frame of their animation.

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Name Summary
key Return a unique key for this transformation.abstract fun key():String
transform Apply the transformation to input.abstract suspend fun transform(pool:BitmapPool, input:Bitmap, size:Size):Bitmap


Name Summary
BlurTransformation A Transformation that applies a Gaussian blur to an image.class BlurTransformation :Transformation
CircleCropTransformation A Transformation that crops an image using a centered circle as the mask.class CircleCropTransformation :Transformation
GrayscaleTransformation A Transformation that converts an image to shades of gray.class GrayscaleTransformation :Transformation
RoundedCornersTransformation A Transformation that crops the image to fit the target's dimensions and rounds the corners of the image.class RoundedCornersTransformation :Transformation