coil-base / coil.request / ImageRequest


class ImageRequest

An immutable value object that represents a request for an image.

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Name Summary
Builder class Builder
Listener A set of callbacks for an ImageRequest.interface Listener


Name Summary
allowHardware val allowHardware:Boolean
allowRgb565 val allowRgb565:Boolean
bitmapConfig val bitmapConfig:Config
colorSpace val colorSpace:ColorSpace?
context val context:Context
data val data:Any
decoder val decoder:Decoder?
defaults The defaults used to fill unset values.val defaults:DefaultRequestOptions
defined The raw values set on Builder.val defined:DefinedRequestOptions
diskCachePolicy val diskCachePolicy:CachePolicy
dispatcher val dispatcher:CoroutineDispatcher
error val error:Drawable?
fallback val fallback:Drawable?
fetcher val fetcher:Pair<Fetcher<*>,Class<*>>?
headers val headers:Headers
lifecycle val lifecycle:Lifecycle
listener val listener: Listener?
memoryCacheKey val memoryCacheKey: Key?
memoryCachePolicy val memoryCachePolicy:CachePolicy
networkCachePolicy val networkCachePolicy:CachePolicy
parameters val parameters:Parameters
placeholder val placeholder:Drawable?
placeholderMemoryCacheKey val placeholderMemoryCacheKey: Key?
precision val precision:Precision
premultipliedAlpha val premultipliedAlpha:Boolean
scale val scale:Scale
sizeResolver val sizeResolver:SizeResolver
target val target:Target?
transformations val transformations:List<Transformation>
transition val transition:Transition


Name Summary
equals fun equals(other:Any?):Boolean
hashCode fun hashCode():Int
newBuilder fun newBuilder(context:Context= this.context): Builder
toString fun toString():String