Package coil.request


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enum CachePolicy : Enum<CachePolicy>
Represents the read/write policy for a cache source.
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class DefaultRequestOptions(interceptorDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher, fetcherDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher, decoderDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher, transformationDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher, transitionFactory: Transition.Factory, precision: Precision, bitmapConfig: Bitmap.Config, allowHardware: Boolean, allowRgb565: Boolean, placeholder: Drawable?, error: Drawable?, fallback: Drawable?, memoryCachePolicy: CachePolicy, diskCachePolicy: CachePolicy, networkCachePolicy: CachePolicy)
A set of default options that are used to fill in unset ImageRequest values.
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class DefinedRequestOptions(lifecycle: Lifecycle?, sizeResolver: SizeResolver?, scale: Scale?, interceptorDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher?, fetcherDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher?, decoderDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher?, transformationDispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher?, transitionFactory: Transition.Factory?, precision: Precision?, bitmapConfig: Bitmap.Config?, allowHardware: Boolean?, allowRgb565: Boolean?, memoryCachePolicy: CachePolicy?, diskCachePolicy: CachePolicy?, networkCachePolicy: CachePolicy?)
Tracks which values have been set (instead of computed automatically using a default) when building an ImageRequest.
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interface Disposable
Represents the work of an ImageRequest that has been executed by an ImageLoader.
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class ErrorResult(drawable: Drawable?, request: ImageRequest, throwable: Throwable) : ImageResult
Indicates that an error occurred while executing the request.
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class ImageRequest
An immutable value object that represents a request for an image.
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sealed class ImageResult
Represents the result of an executed ImageRequest.
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object NullRequestData
The value for if the request's data was not set or was set to null.
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class NullRequestDataException : RuntimeException
Exception thrown when an ImageRequest with empty/null data is executed by an ImageLoader.
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class Options(context: Context, config: Bitmap.Config, colorSpace: ColorSpace?, size: Size, scale: Scale, allowInexactSize: Boolean, allowRgb565: Boolean, premultipliedAlpha: Boolean, diskCacheKey: String?, headers: Headers, tags: Tags, parameters: Parameters, memoryCachePolicy: CachePolicy, diskCachePolicy: CachePolicy, networkCachePolicy: CachePolicy)
A set of configuration options for fetching and decoding an image.
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class Parameters : Iterable<Pair<String, Parameters.Entry>>
A map of generic values that can be used to pass custom data to Fetchers and Decoders.
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class SuccessResult(drawable: Drawable, request: ImageRequest, dataSource: DataSource, memoryCacheKey: MemoryCache.Key?, diskCacheKey: String?, isSampled: Boolean, isPlaceholderCached: Boolean) : ImageResult
Indicates that the request completed successfully.
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class Tags
A map of custom objects.